Fly By Night Rehearsal Update – Week Five

This was our final week to rehearse before opening on Friday night! We finalized tech needs, polished the scenes that needed work, and stumbled through a dress rehearsal on Thursday. Some were anxious about whether or not the show would be ready in time, but everything fell into place before the curtain went up on opening night!

Fly By Night Rehearsal Update – Week Four

This week we blocked Act II. Our rehearsal schedule was cut a bit short because next week is April break, and some students left early to go on vacation. Our focus was on polishing scenes with the full cast. Everyone must be off book when we come back!

Fly By Night Rehearsal Update – Week Three

It’s time to get the show up on its feet! This week we started blocking Act I. The show is slowly starting to come together as we put the songs, lines, and blocking together. An outline of the set was put up over the weekend, and Emily is experimenting with lighting. Maggie is continuing to add careful details to the poster. Everyone’s lines in Act I must be memorized by Friday!

Edinburgh Here We Come!

The Yoh Theatre Players of Woodstock Union High School have been accepted into the American High School Theatre Festival, to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (summer of 2018). The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest performance arts festival in the world, formed as an event to promote peace and unity in the world after World War II.  Our students will do four performances of the show “Bakkhai” by Euripides, a new version by Anne Carson, and receive training from a professional theatre technician who will work with us throughout the tour.

YOH Theatre going to 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival


The students will spend a few days in London, then on to Edinburgh for the festival, ten days filled with rehearsals, performances at official AHSTF/Fringe venues, shows, workshops, an excursion to the picturesque seaside town of St. Andrews and historic Falkland Palace, the Royal Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, and so much more. By the end of their stay, many students consider this beautiful, unique, and friendly city a true ‘home away from home.’

Fly By Night Rehearsal Update – Week Two

This week we continued learning music and lines. As we read more of the script, everyone starting to become more familiar with their characters. Maggie Burns is hard at work designing and creating our poster, and Emily Surrell has begun designing the set. This weekend we will begin building the set. Everyone is hard at work! Looking forward to next week!

Fly By Night Rehearsal Update – Week One

We’ve begun rehearsals for our last show this year–Fly By Night! The show takes place during the 1960’s during the Great Northeast Blackout. The story revolves around fate, time, and love. There are seven leads and twenty ensemble members ranging from 7th to 12th graders. We spent rehearsals this week learning music and becoming familiar with the show. Everyone is sounding great!